Wheel and Tire Fitment

precise measurements for custom order wheels and tires

Wheel Offset

Refers to the amount of wheel behind or in front of the face. Measure the distance from its hub mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel, often in millimeters.

Wheel Size and Width

The size or diameter of the wheel in inches where the beads of the tire sit on the wheel. The width is the measurement of the width of the treads.

Wheel Backspace

Backspace is the distance from a wheel's mounting surface to the back edge of the wheel in inches. This determins the clearance of the wheel in the well and the amount of wheel sticking out of the well.

Bolt Pattern

The number of bolts on the wheel and the measurement from the edge of one bolt hole to the center of the another bolt hole skipping one hole.

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wheel and tire simulator

Wheel and Tire Simulator

Fitment Tool

Wheel and tire fitment is key to matching your tires with your car. Get precise measurements of offset, backspace, diameter, width, and tire profile to have perfect tire fitment. With the fitment tool you make easy adjustments to find the right fit for your car.

Tool Features

  • Wheel width measurements from 6" to 11+"
  • Wheel width diameters from 15" to 30"
  • Identify 98mm to 130mm on four or five lug bolt pattern
  • Identify 4" - 5.5" on four or five lug bolt pattern

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